CEO's Message
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

We are glad to welcome you on the BDA.SC JOINT STOCK COMPANY Web-site.

When starting the Company we were seeking the answers to the question: “What is the most important thing for all of us in the today’s unsteady and changeable world? How within the frameworks of the business project to create an enterprise that would be the most useful and beneficial for each and every member of the society and could unite common interests of the state officials, businessmen, experts in the field, and beginners?”

It looks obvious that common goals and clear understanding of future prospective is imperative for all of us. The essential part is comprehension of common goals for the whole country and their agreement with the tendencies in the neighboring states of the modern globalized world, with inspirations of each family and individual members of the society united by common interests and the identity of purpose.

Pinpointing the ways for the balanced development of the society and clear vision of the role of successful business corporations in drafting the strategic prospective for the regions and the whole country are to become the basis that is able to unite the efforts of millions of people to shape the wealthy and secure future. A sincere belief in this better future combined with our daily efforts to achieve it should make our goals feasible and better understood to everyone, which in turn should help to change this world for the better.

As we are sincere adherents of the goal and are eager to unite around it as many followers as possible, we try to be absolutely frank and comprehensible for everyone. Therefore, we seek the means of informing you about our activity and our Web-site is one of them. We hope that you all, our colleagues and investors, recent competitors and potential partners, vendors, and customers will be able to find here necessary and useful information about us.

Yours faithfully, 
General Director

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